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The short story Araby written by James Joyce was about a boy, his desire to attend the bazaar, and his infatuation for a girl.At the beginning of the story the young boy describes North Richmond Street where he lives.His descriptions portray his surroundings as a rather dreary area where not much happens on the streets and even the houses seem to appear bland to the eyes of the boy.
The young boy who is the main character and also the narrator of this story finds a lot of pleasure in being with a certain girl and admires her significantly.One day while talking to her she confesses her desire to attend the upcoming bazaar.Unfortunately she cannot go because she must attend a retreat for her convent.Being thoughtful and caring the boy the boy promises to retrieve some gift for her if he does go.The next day seems to drag on for the boy.An unsettling feeling in the boys stomach told him that his Uncle was going to forget about the boys will to go to the bazaar and the feeling came true.By nine o'clock at night the Uncle finally came home.The boy felt bad because the Uncle forgot about his desire to go the bazaar but he went late at night anyways.His journey took nearly an hour and was painstaking for the boy because he was afraid the bazaar would shortly close.Upon arrival the boy stopped at thefirst shop at this marketplace.The shopkeepers were rude and had nothing for the boy to purchase.As he walked away the boy felt great frustration.After only a few steps the lights shut off on the boy and his adventure to the bazaar had come to a disappointing end.The boy was very angry that everything had gone so poorly and that was how the story ended.