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As I crossed a bridge of dreams

As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams was written as a way for the author to escape her life in times of turmoil or when things had become stagnant. The book seems more like a journal of her dreams or her passions than a novel. Like life, there is no plot to the book. It is just a collection of memories that were important to the author, although to the outsider reading the book, they may seem meaningless. They, however, reflect her beliefs and feelings at the time.
The book begins with the author talking about Tales. She is fascinated with these Tales and can not get enough of them. Shefirst learned them from family member who would tell her the stories. This led to a great desire to read them on her own. It seems as though she wants to live in one of these Tales to escape the drabness of her own life.
As she gets older, her family plans to leave the small province where they live, and move to the capital. As they ride away from the house, she starts to sob over leaving behind the Buddha statue that she secretly prayed to at night. This is when wefirst learn how sensitive she is. In the early years of her life she cries over the smallest thing. The death of a stranger even brought her to tears. The Tales she was so fond of seemed to be the only thing to make her happy.
As she got older, the author focused more on her dreams and Buddhism. She went on many pilgrimages and focused on prayer. She believed many of the dreams she had were prophecies. She also believed that the misfortunes in her life came about because she hadn't listened to her dreams and did not pray often enough.
The author of the book speaks little about her family. The brief mention of her husband only leads to his death. She did not deal with his death or the death of any of her other family members. She blamed herself for not praying enough when she was younger and locked herself away in her house.
"Yet we continue to live despite all our sufferi…


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