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As I Lay Dying

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William Faulkner’s greatest novels, As I lay Dying, the character’s selfishness
is revealed. As I Lay Dying is a detailed account of the Bundren’s family trek
across Mississippi to bury Addie, their wife and mother. As Addie is dying, all
the characters go through a different state of emotions, all of which are
explained in fifty-nine chapters. An analysis of William Faulkner’s As I Lay
Dying reveals the importance of goals, mishaps, and characters as they look on
the death of Addie. During the initial stage after Addie’s death three main goals
are exposed: burying her, getting new teeth for Anse, and getting an abortion
for Dewey Dell. According to George Wolfe, “Addie’s section is narrated in
tense, cryptic, and expository prose because Addie is a person who has tried to
solve some of the basic problems of life and has failed” (203). To Cash, his
mother is his world, and he does not realize she dies because he is too busy
trying to build her a coffin. The family is able to deal with Addie’s death as a
whole, although Vardaman has a harder time, while Dewey Dell is anxious for
other reasons all together. According to Warren, “Throughout Addie’s life, she
lived with a man that was emotionally dead from the beginning, and it basically
killed her” (172). Anse was always a selfish man, so, it is no surprise he is
ready to get to Cooper 2 Jefferson County for his own selfish reasons, his
teeth. Dewey Dell is just as anxious to reach Jefferson County to have an


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