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The movie Bamboozled, I thought, brought an interesting point on how African Americans are thought of and treated. Bamboozled revealed most of the racism that goes on television. This was mostly about a television show that had a comedy, dance, and singing act, but the thing was that this show only had black performers. These people were dressed with colorful clothes, they painted their lips bright red and most of them had big afro like hair.
Many people were offended by this show because of what it symbolized. Old cartoon characters of black people were always animated as people with really dark skin, big re lips, and big ugly hair.
This movie brought up some topics that I had an issue with, which is on how black people are viewed in the eyes of others. Many people think that most of the thieves, murders, and hoodlums are black people. Of course, it isn't that black people are judge crudely just because of the color of their skin, but because of the reputation that many other black people make for them selves. For example, rappers, gangster, and plane old people from the ghetto, give many black people a bad name by the violent way they act and other people are stuck with the idea that all black people are the same way too. I guess many people have a different thought on how black people are, but I think they should wait till they get to know the actual person instead of by the color of they're skin. I liked Bamboozled because of how it showed how much racism is going on, but one thing that I thought they should have shown is that black people aren't the only ones looked down on.


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