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Band of Angels

As the title of this novel races through my mind I image a beautiful young girl living a peaceful life.As the story line unfolds the reader is trapped in a world of disbelief and anger.The main character, Amantha Starr, shows the reader that life is not always what it seems to be.
On a plantation near Danville, Kentucky, Amantha grew up knowing only the love of her father, Aaron Pendleton Starr.Growing up as a motherless child many would think that she was lost to the world, but her father and Aunt Sukie made sure that she always had whatever her heart desired.
Amantha, also called Manty, remembered a scene from her childhood where her father sold a slave.The slave was a dear friend to Manty, and it was hard for the girl to understand why the slave was sold.Her father doesn't like to talk about it and so the child grows up not knowing why.
In August of 1852 Amantha's father decides it was time for her to go to school.On the trip they stopped in Cincinnati where Manty meet Miss Idell, her father's fling at the time.Miss Idell took Manty shopping for new school clothes and such.Manty enjoyed every moment with the lovely woman.Later that week Manty is sent to Oberlin, Ohio where she is to attend school.She stayed with an n older lady called Mrs. Turpin.On thefirst day of classes Mrs. Turpin, being the godly woman that she was, cut the beautiful ruffles from Manty dress saying that to be beautiful was to be vain.Over the course of several years Manty too came to believe this.On a trip home Manty tried to convice her father to free the slave at Starrwood, the family plantation.He would not do so, saying that even if he did they would have no where to go and he would still have to feed them.Manty feeling hurt returned to school.Some weeks later a letter came saying that Amantha's father had died.She rushed to her father's graveside.At Amantha's weake


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