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Beginning the Journey

After reading this chapter, I realized the importance art in a child's learning development.Free exploration of arts should start early in a child life such as when they are toddlers.I agree with Linda Edwards that "it is through the process of exploring the arts that they build a rich storehouse to ways to state what they need to say."To explicitly illustrate this point, we take for example young toddlers who are not yet capable of speaking in vocabularies to express themselves.However, the toddlers will try to convey their thinking and feeling through arts with picture drawings, hand signs, and exert certain behaviors. As mature adults, we should respect and encourage their ways of convey messages.As stated by Linda Edwards, "They need a positive reaction from the adults around them, and they need to be recognized for their own individual value."Through positive reinforcement, a child can recognize what is right versus wrong. This type of reinforcement further enhances a child's self-esteem.No matter what kind of method that we use to teach these children, I agree with Edwards that it is the process that counts since you cannot underdetermine what a child can learn from it. Therefore, I absolutely agree that art education should be a national standard.
Art is a part of us and what makes us individuals. Art defines our identity and background."If we do not educate our children in the symbol system called the arts, we will lose not only our culture and civility, but our humanity as well."It is through the expression of art that we learn more about each other's ethnic cultural from around the world.This is part of what makes our country, America, so rich and sets us apart from other countries.Through art, children will learn to explore and exchange ideas and creativities.I have the same point of view as Vygotsky who states, "children learn thought, language, and…


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