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Beowulf was a hero, a role model and someone who people could depend on.He was a Scandinavian prince, who rids the Danes of the monster, Grendel.Fifty years later, Beowulf was now king of his native land.He fights a dragon that has devastated his people.Both Beowulf and the dragon are mortally wounded in the fight.Beowulf was then cremated on a giant funeral pyre. Beowulf took a stand for his people.That's why he was respected and looked up to.
If Beowulf existed in the world today, I think that he would be an ideal role model.The stronger a person is on the inside and someone who can take a stand for what they believe in is a role model.Beowulf did just that.He fought Grendel for his people.Since the epic poem, Beowulf, was considered to be the work of an anonymous Eighth Century Anglian poet who fused Scandinavian history and Pagan mythology with Christian elements, I suppose I could relate Beowulf to Jesus Christ.Not actually compare the two as individuals, but their actions which were both very heroic.In some form, they both died for their people.Let me take a moment and compare the two.Jesus Christ died for his people, as did Beowulf.They both stood up for their beliefs and for people whom they didn't ever get a chance to know.
There isn't a doubt in my mind that Bewoulf wouldn't be a role model in today's world.Jesus and Beowulf loved their people and died for them.In society today, Jesus is a role model.Why wouldn't Beowulf be?The simple answer to that question is that he would be.A hero in the past, is still a hero today.


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