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In today's world there are very few who poses the qualities that would make them a hero.A hero is a person who no matter what happens they never change their moral values.Against the odds they prevail and still do not loose sight of their morals.Beowulf is a fictional hero but he also has the attributes of a real hero.Beowulf loves a good challenge especially if it is dangerous.He does things that most people would never think of doing.Beowulf does not care about his own life as much as he does as those around him.Only the Noble hero Pat Tillman can be compared to a fictional hero because he is the closest thing to one.Pat Tillman had very strong values that were only magnified by society.That is why Pat Tillman is a hero that follows his morals just like Beowulf.
Pat Tillman gave everything up so he could serve society.Tillman was a very good college football player when he was younger.The only thing was that some pro scouts did not think he was good enough to play professional football.There was one team that took a chance on him.This team was the Arizona Cardinals.It turned out to be a great idea because Pat became a great leader on the team., something that will not show up on a stat sheet.Pat led the team in tackles and was the best defensive presence they had.The team was young so some one had to be a leader and that is exactly what Pat did.Then a tragedy struck the homeland, the World Trade Center was attacked buy terrorists.America was changed for ever.We were no longer safe at home.After the attacks all sporting events were canceled.Pat was coming up on a contract option worth almost 4 million dollars.He had a decision to make.Would he take the money and live the American Dream or would he give it all up.The answer was unexpected, he joined the Army Rangers to protect our freedom.Tillman knew that if he did not protect our country something that he l


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