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Beowulf An Epic Hero Of Epic Proportions

Beowulf: An Epic Hero of Epic Proportions

Beowulf is “the strongest of the Geats — greater / and stronger than anyone

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anywhere in this world” (ll.110-111). Even though he is famous for his massive strength,

Beowulf has other attributes that are noticeable other than his strength. These attributes,

arrogance, bravery, and a strong love for his people are what make Beowulf become such

a powerful, epic hero.

Beowulf is arrogant. He constantly brags about his supreme strength. The

“strongest man alive” lets people know that he is the most powerful person around by

saying, “no strength is a match for mine” (l.267). Beowulf does not think that he could

ever be destroyed by anything. He obviously never questiones how his fighting ability

would be when he was around seventy. Since Beowulf is convinced that God is watching

over him, his ego makes him act as if he is invincible, because of the idea that he has a

guardian angel. But, as Beowulf gets older, wiser, and fights in more battles he should

realize that there was a possibility that he can die. Beowulf also boasts about his many

battles, and is proud of himself for winning all of them. One of these triumphs is the

battle in the water when he meets up with nine sea monsters which he killeds, and fights

with a monster that is digging its jaws into Beowulf’s flesh. Beowulf proclaims that “ I

fought that beast’s last battle, / left it floating in the sea” (ll.290-291). This epic tale reads

that while Beowulf is in battle with Grendel’s mother, all he cares was about the fame he

would get for defeating her. Unferth thinks that Beowulf was arrogant, by saying, “

You’re Beowulf, are you the same / Boastful fool who fought a swimming / Match with

Brecca” (ll.239-241). Yes, Beowulf is a boastful fool that loves the attention that his

strength gives him.

A strong man and an arrogant one, Beowulf is also brave. Even after all of the

horror stories that he hears about Grendel, he still fights the cursed beast without any

hesitation. When he battles with Grendel, he does it without the things that everyone else

would use–weapons. This shows that Beowulf is not scared of anything in the world. He

also must be brave to fight a sea monster after swimming in the ocean for days. He went

straight into battle exhausted, from the strenuous journey across the ocean. The bravery

that he possesses, along with an arrogant mentality that no one can defeat him keeps

Beowulf from quitting at a time that anyone else would.

In addition to being brave, Beowulf thinks of his people all of the time. Even

when he was not a member of the clan, he still fought for them. He cares if they are being

terrorized or killed, and shows his love by endlessly going into fights, each battle tougher

than the one before. Even when he is dying after his battle with the dragon, all that he

thinks about is the treasure that his clan would be able to use to their advantage. The

leader of the Geats even thanks God for letting him help his people while he lived. He

gives them the bravest leader under him in Wiglaf, which was the best gift for his people,

since like Beowulf, Wiglaf was brave.

To be a real hero, Beowulf needs to have some kind of personality to make him a

man of epic proportions. Beowulf is arrogant, but through all of his arrogance, he still has

a kind heart, is brave, and cares for his people. A person who upholds these qualities is

truly a hero and a great example for all of mankind to look up to. People in this world

should also mold their hearts after a person like Beowulf, because even though he is not

perfect, he still strives to be the strongest, and has the biggest heart known to Herot, and

the world.


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