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Beowulf Essay Research Paper Beowulf is a

Beowulf Essay, Research Paper

Beowulf is a great epic adventure intermingled with Christanity and Celtic culture. As the adventure starts Grendel the dragon has been terrorizing Herot and killing Hrothgars men. Grendel is a huge dragon who eats men and terrorizes Hrothgars mead-hall. Grendel is symbolic to the Devil, who destroys peace and takes the lives of humans. Grendel has been killing Hrothgars men and tormenting Herot for twelve years.

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Beowulf hears of Grendel and the terrible distruction he has caused and decides to journey to Herot and free the land of Grendel. Beowulf is a symbol of Jesus Christ who came into this world to clean the world of sin and save us from eternal hell. Beowulf is portraying a savior coming to save the land from evil. Beowulf is a great warrior who has won many battles and believes in fate, which has kept him alive in his many battles.

One night as Grendel approached the mead-hall Beowulf and his men wait for grendel to attach. As Grendel starts to attach he grabs one of Beowulf men and eats him.

This part of the story signifies Satan attacking humans and tearing and tormenting their life. After Grendel eats the man. Beowulf attacks him and grabs Grendel claws and holds him. Grendel trys to fight but to no avail. He panics and fights but he begins to feel that Beowulf is stronger and will kill him. Beowulf rips one of Grendel arms off and Grendel starts to run back to his lair. This fight with Beowulf and Grendel signifies Chirst coming to earth and saving us from eternal death. Like Beowulf who saved the people from the wrath of Grendel.

After Beowulf has defeated Grendel he is blessed by Hrothgar and travels back to his homeland and lives there for a long time. A long time passes by and then Beowulf hears about the dragon and decides to go rid the land of the terrible dragon.

Beowulf picks his finest warriors and prepares to fight the dragon. Beowulf and his men travel to the cliffs where the worm lives. Beowulf tell his men to let him go alone to defeat the dragon. When Beowulf enters the den he feels the hot poisonous breath of the worm. As the Dragon attacks it breaths hot fire on Beowulf and starts to melt his shield. As Beowulf starts to fight he trys to use his sword, his first swing with Hrunthing breaks it and barely cut the dragon. By this time Beowulf is fatiality wounded and is losing the battle, so Wiglaf the most faithful follower Beowulf has decides he has to save his king. Wiglaf helps Beowulf defeat the worn and after they have killed it Wiglaf carries Beowulf out of the den and lays him down. This part of the story symbolizes Armagedon and the all the wrath.


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