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Beowulf Not just a kids story

When you compare Beowulf to any modern novel or movie, Beowulf seems
childlike at best. Beowulf is told in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner very unlike
many of today's works, which contain complex plots and themes. What makes Beowulf
readable to an adult and not just children? Why do people find stories such as Beowulf so
intriguing? Why is Beowulf, or any myth, significant?
Beowulf, the story of the young Beowulf sent by fate to save a kingdom plagued with a nightmarish monster, a rather basic plot synopsis especially for a story that has been around for more than one thousand years. However Beowulf contains far more long-standing impact than a slew of the best selling books at any bookstore. Beowulf, as any myth, teaches many moral lessons giving us a detailed insight into the culture and writer's beliefs through written accounts of morality and religion and through the tale's deep symbolism. And it also provides for an entertaining ride filled with supernatural feats and monsters with an inspirational hero or role model for the reader.
In contrast to some other popular mythological stories such as the tales of the Greek gods, Beowulf is almost believable. Beowulf is just over the edge of "real", it pushes our definition of what exists but not to the point to where we cannot imagine what is happening in the story. Also I feel that Beowulf is a superior work of mythology because Beowulf is a true and perfect hero, and represents the personality and courage most people wish they had
In Episode 1 the story begins with the tale of Scyld Sceafing, which parallels
Beowulf's evolution, it is the motif of a helpless child turning into a great king. Similarly,
Sceafing arrives from the water to the Danish lands in the same way Beowulf arrives.
This is a popular theme in many myths, a small and weak one rising to be strong and a
leader (i.e. Jesus). Part of the beauty of myt…


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