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Beowulf Readers Response Essay Research Paper Beowulf

Beowulf Readers Response Essay, Research Paper

Beowulf is considered the oldest of the great poems written in English, it may have been composed more than twelve hundred years ago, maybe even the first half of the eighth century. The epic Beowulf is the establishment of every story or movie based on Action and Adventure. I found the story extremely descriptive and enjoyable.

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There have been plenty of movies and stories based on the storyline of Beowulf for example Predator with Arnold Swarzenegar or even the comic book character of Batman. They all have the same basic idea of hero that has to fight an enemy that is causing havoc. Also there is a time line in which it completely tells the life of the hero.

Being that the story had no picture it gave me a complete visual of every instance in the epic. For instance, how the Monster Grendel, comes to plague Heorot, leaving terror in the hall for years. The fight between Beowulf and Grendel is short but vivid, Beowulf engages the Monster when it breaks into the hall one night and Beowulf kills Grendel by ripping his arm off. The descriptiveness of the story can be over bearing, at times I would drift of into my own thoughts because I found that it was taking too long to get the point across. For instance, Beowulf?s troop came abroad like a paved track, a path that kept them in marching order. Their mail shirts glinted, hard and hand linked; the high gloss iron of their armor rang. So they duly arrived in their war graith and gear at the hall.

Such descriptive writing as these tends to make me loose interest in what they are saying and doing.

I am sure though that in the past this was the best thing, considering they didn?t have television. All in all I found the epic Beowulf entertaining at its limitations of vivid descriptions. Being that it is thought to be one of the first epics in its time and of all times, it still has the feel of a modern day epic, for all to enjoy.


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