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Berlin: Changing Center of a Changing Europe

Berlin: Changing Center of a Changing Europe
The film I chose to watch was, Berlin: Changing Center of a Changing Europe.This film was interesting, educational, and easy to understand. The film was set in Berlin, Germany and focused more on the twentieth century.
The film discussed the human geography of Berlin.Human geography combines economic and cultural geography to explore the relationships between humans and their natural environment, and to track the broad social patterns that shape human societies.The main focus of the film was the Berlin Wall and how the society was effected by the falling of the wall.The Berlin Wall was built in 1961, and was the single most important symbol of Germany’s former division.The Wall was built to seperate East and West Berlin for economic and political reasons.On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down when communism began to fail.The Wall had seperated Berlin, Germany for 28 years, therefore, the falling of the wall brought dramatic changes.
The falling of the Wall had positives, for example Berlin gained a new level of importance.Berlin became a global city and the new capital of Germany. Berlin’s emergence as Germany’s new political capital symbolized the end of communism and a transformation occurring throughout the country and continent.People of East Berlin flooded into the West as soon as the Wall was down.People of West Berlin had mixed emotions: they were happy to see the wall destroyed but also worried about the loss of jobs.Not only was the unification an economic change but a cultural one as well.A lady on the video described it as ” a culture that lays 30 years in the past, and another culture lays 30 years in the future, and they are both coming toward one another”.The differences between the East and the West brought racism and hesitation toward change. Germany also had to adjust and learn how to confront the new issues; such as the shif


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