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Better Off Dead Cinimatography

Better Off Dead, a movie from the eighties, is abundant in amusing cinematography. Almost always tying in with humorous situations, the cinematography in Better Off Dead often creates them. Cinematography is the art or technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and development of the film. In laymen's terms, it's the making of a movie, or “movie art." The movie is noticeably an eighties film. Cinematography throughout the film is particularly notable because it is witty and entertaining. Appearing constantly, it adds entertainment to the classic storyline of unfortunate soul/unpopular boy falling in love when everything else around him is mayhem.
Seventeen-year-old Lane Meyer is the main character. His life seams to be a downward spiral as one bad experience follows another. His mother, a ditz who seemingly has her head in the clouds, is a horrible chef. She enjoys attempting to prepare obviously disgusting dinners for the family, despite her investment in TV-dinners as Christmas presents. Lane's father is constantly yelling at him to take care of his car, which is sitting, busted in the driveway. His younger brother, somewhat a genius, is able to pick up more girls than Lane and also create both a working rocket and a gun. Beth, love of his life, has left him for the "popular", superficial, "better looking", captain of the ski team (which Lane unsuccessfully tried out for)," Roy. His best friend is so desperate for a high that he even sniffs snow. Amazingly, among the chaos, Lane falls in love with a charming foreign-exchange student living next door…who has been said to "speak the language of love" with the disgusting son of the big boned, Cruella-Divil look-alike who has brought her to her house for her son's sake.
Small roles such as the one played by Johnny, the insane paperboy add humorous situations to the already discouraging plot which is the…


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