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bicentennial man

In ESL we were given a task by the teacher, to write about a movie called bicentennial man. I learnt about the meaning of life, how robots work and the emotions.
Bicentennial man is a robot called Andrew who is played by the actor Robin Williams. He slowly becomes human over 200 years, and is an independent android and wants freedom he also wanted to find out about a life of a human being. With the help of little miss age seven Andrew begins to discover what it truly means to be a human being.Andwith the help of the scientist Andrew transforms himself into a living, breathing, eating and yes, farting, human being.
Andrew was bought by Martin's family as a home helper. Every family had their own robot, but Andrew was a different to other robots. He has human character that allows him to think independently and experience human feelings and emotions. His mission was to understand the nature of humanity which leads him to look for the freedom to live independently. He was programmed to perform basic tasks but who displays uncharacteristically human emotion curiosity and creativity.
Miss sees him as an uninteresting simple appliance, common in the homes of her friends. Little Miss thinks he’s a bit scary. She, of course, has nothing to fear as thefirst law of robotics states, “A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction cause a human being to come to harm.”
Through the years, then decades, Andrew achieves a degree of renown for creating and selling his exceptional works, all the time watching as the family he has become so much a part of grows up … and grows old. It makes Andrew more aware of how different he is, and in his uniqueness, how alone he is.


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