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Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a movie based on the future. Harrison Ford is an officer that is in charge of destroying robot humans, replicas that have gone bad. The style of the movie is one of the last movies that didn't use computer graphics. This is a big hurdle to overcome for the director.
I enjoyed this movie. It was an actioned pact and had a great look to the director's ideas of what the future will look like. Every detail was cool, the cars and building, and the different devices in telling if someone is a real human or not. The thing that I found interesting is that the director used a lot of dark shots, filled with smoke and very dungy looking.
I picture the future very well lit, and had clean air. The director used smoke filled rooms and “yucky” looking shots. I found it interesting to see a different view of the future. The director probably used these dark conditioned to disguise the special effects and lack of technology and computer graphics. But I feel it worked. I thought the movie had an interesting feel to it, seeing these scale models to represent large futuristic cities.
Harrison Ford seemed to be a 60’s detective but living in the future. He played the role good. He fit the role, because he looks like he doesn’t trust people. He looks at people as if he is analyzing them, and in this movie he actually is. It is his job, a good role for him.
The director touches on a controversial subject. But the subject is a hot topic now, even more now then when the movie was made. It seemed like the movie should be made now. The controversy of computer and artificial intelligence is an important topic right now. Even cloning is a controversy. Everyone is worrying about what will happen if we make artificial life. But this movie gives an idea of what could happen. I thought it was very interesting. It made me think about the decisions we make now will impact the fu


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