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Blade Runner

Director Ridley Scott has a chilling story to tell, and there is a complex web of allegory and meaning lurking in the background. We are unmistakably in a future time, yet this future world is one we can easily recognize, as it is not so different from our own. As with all good science fiction, futuristic concepts provide the basis for the story, but do not dominate the more universal themes expressed by the film. This is not to say that the special effects of Blade Runner are anything less than stunning, but they serve to flesh out the story, as well as to give us a vision of the future in which this story can take place. This is not the cardboard cutout future of Forbidden Planet, but a world we can almost touch and absolutely believe in. Onto this stage are placed a group of characters who perfectly compliment their environment. The enigmatic characters' actions are seldom clear cut or simple to understand, and are even less certain of the motivations which move these characters. Our protagonist, Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is not exactly a knight in shining armor. Because of this, it seems that to understand this film we must look past the actions of the characters and focus instead upon the reasons behind what they do. In an attempt to accomplish this, we will focus on one particular element of the film: it’s allegorical relationship to Christianity. This paper will develop the analogy between Biblical myths and events in the movie where a connection actually exists between the allegorical nature of the Christ-like figures and his constituents.
Humanity itself is brought up for definition in this film, as the Replicants are in many ways more human than the “real humans” they are interacting with. These Replicants are artificial organic humanoids, which function as brute laborers and sex toys on Earth’s space colonies. They have five-year life spans, and are banned from Earth. Rutger Hauer is the leader of the Replican…


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