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gYou see the real question is, can people change??h how does Border Crossing answer this question?

The novel Border Crossing by Pat Barker, is a disturbing, unsettling and part psychological drama novel in which Danny Miller, the central figure, poses the question ?ecan people change??f Barker explores the influences of one?fs past, the dark and often terrifying world of child violence and the possibilities for redemption. The author suggests that from the view of the society, they are unwilling to believe offenders, such as Danny Miller, can ever change because people fear that those people may recommit their crimes. Although Danny?fs clinical psychologist, Tom Seymour states that individuals learn to alter themselves when adapting to new and different environment, these behaviours, do not represent that people have the potential to fully change. Danny Miller is the vehicle that Barker uses to explore explicitly the issue.

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Barker suggests whether people can change depends on the difference between an individual when they?fre a child and adult.After Danny was being released from the prison with a new identity whose name is Ian Wilkinson, Tom visited him in the hospital. He sees ?gthe boy had changed?h relates solely to his appearance, but the name ?eDanny Miller?f has changed his perception of the face, ?gthe child?fs pre-pubescent features rose to the surface?h as the child Danny still lies beneath the adult features. Danny remains the same ?guntouched child?h. Later, when Danny described the murder to Tom, his narrative lapses into the present tense, thus, Barker implies that the past will always be a part of an individual, and the fact that the child lives on in the young man.

Tom and Danny are similar in some ways, Tom committed a potentially fatal and violent act when he was a little boy. But he believes he is not ?gthe person who?fd done that?h and that he has changed. However, in reality, Tom has ch…


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