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Born of the Fourth of July

Born on the fourth of July:

Plot summary:

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The narrator gets wounded in the war of Vietnam. There are many wounded soldiers around him but he gets rescued by a black man. All the injured man get loaded in amtracs that drive them into differentwar camps (hospitals).There he gets operated because he can't move his legs. All the others around him are screaming, because they have to suffer incredible pains. One day before they left Vietnam forever a general arrives in the camp and hands a Purple Heart over to everyone, in the name of the president. After that he leaves Vietnam with a plane.

He comes into the St. Alban Naval hospital in Queens together with the others. It was thefirst time they could laught. His therapy starts. He is working very hard. He lifts weight every day, but his fight against the wheelchair has just begun. He moves into a new hospital, which is completely different. He feels totally desperate, because he notices that he will never be able to go to the toilet or to have sex and he can't to sports anymore. He never tells the family about that, but he trains very hard every day and within the help of the new machines he will learn walking again. Jimmy and Dick the two therapists are suppoting him. Ron compares the hospital with a madhouse, a wild zoo with the patients as its animals.

In this chapter he remembers his youth. He was a fanatic sports-man, especially baseball was one of his favourit subjects. He watched every game. He went to the movies with his friends and as a result of this he wanted to become a soldier by the US-marines. He and his friends played war the whole day long.
One day he was fascinated that the Russains were thefirst nation that sent a satelitt into space. This was the so called Spunik. But he was very proud of Amerika when they also managed to send a satelitt into space.
He started to train his body and loved watching his muscles in the mirror. At the same time he …


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