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Brave New World

In the book Brave New World we come to realize that a Utopian Society is worse than one of today.In this book we are introduced with the character Bernard Marx.He entertains himself with individual thought, and strives to become an individual in his uniform society.Bernard decides to use the curiosity of the society to his advantage, and fulfilling his wish to become someone important.This ends when the curiosity of others ends, and as a supreme ruling of his behavior, he is exiled.The one who turns his curiosity into a folly, is an outsider known as the Savage.Bernard brings him to the society as an experiment.The Savage looks at the society with an open mind, but later realizes that he hates the way life is run.In this society everyone is happy, and there are no differences for anyone.Everyone is brought up to be happy, and most of them don’t even know what sadness or anger is.All is cured through surrogates or drugs.Soma, the hallucinate drug, is the !
perfect drug used by all, it induces happiness.”Everyone belongs to everyone else,” (Huxley 127) is the basic psychology of the society.In Huxley’s perfect world sex is mandatory.It happens to every individual almost every night.Also, no one knows what marriage is.They simply have each other and move on.No one is considered strange, or an outcast.Everyone goes out at night with a different partner, or takes a few grams of soma and goes to bed for a Soma Holiday.
Each person has their future planned out for them, when they are just in their fetal stages in a jar.They have special treatments performed to aid in the mental growth of the individual after birth according to their future occupation.Huxley tried to present the ultimate in utopian societies, but nobody was open for mental growth, they were all limited to set barriers.Although this would appear as a perfect society atfirst, it is evident later on in the novel that the race wil…


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