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Brave New World

The Novel A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley gives us warnings that we need to listen to. It tells us of the dangers of being Atheistic, castes systems, drugs, and the importance of individuality. Almost all of these can be linked to the lack of religion in their society. Without it society will start to become unglued and goes into chaos. This is a preview of what America is going to become in time. A Brave New World is still relevant today because it gives us warnings about what may happen to our society if we keep going in the direction that we are in.
When the bill of rights was signed, it stated that all men were given five freedoms, one of those, being the freedom of religion. However, today this right is very openly not used by most Americans. Many people say that America provides more religious freedom than any other country, however the religious freedom that we have is not enough to save our society. Like the characters in A Brave New World, American citizens have little by little lost their religious values, and in many ways, America is working towards becoming an atheistic society, such as the one displayed in A Brave New World.
Throughout A Brave New World, the government controls every action of every citizen, practically down to the shoes they wear on their feet. The characters in the novel are not allowed to think for themselves, or even think of praising anything else besides the government. Therefore, they gained a socially stable community, however they surrendered all forms of happiness. Within the past forty years, America has become a close replica to this novel. Many times, our country has failed to demonstrate a morally correct society; in contrast, it has done the exact opposite.
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