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Brave New World

“Cleanliness is next to Fordliness”, was an attitude impressed upon the people of Aldous Huxley’s,
Brave New World. A society free of disease and suffering was achieved through a technique of
conditioning called hynopaedia. “Civilization is sterilization”, was a hynopaedic slogan used to achieve
the ideal society. This idea was manifested through the anesthetizing people’s emotions, the
sterilization of humans and the cleanliness of society.
The Brave New World sterilized people of emotions through the elimination of families and the
promotion of soma. To eliminate close bonds between two people promiscuity was advocated. This
was achieved through hynopaedia during childhood. Through this technique intimate relationships
between people were eliminated. People of Brave New World did not know what a family was. At the
mention of the words mother and father, during a tour of the London Hatchery, the students became
silent and many began to blush. Soma was another devise used by citizens of Brave New World to let
them escape and forget their emotions. It was a tranquilizer widely used in Brave New World. It
allowed people to go into a trance whenever they wanted to escape their surroundings. This was
shown when Lenina Crowne and Bernard Marx were visiting the reservation. During the Warden’s
speech to the couple, Lenina Crowne swallowed half a gramme of soma to escape the boredom of the
Warden’s speech. The soma allowed her to seemingly be paying attention when in reality she wasn’t
listening or thinking of anything.
The attitude of civilization is sterilization was also achieved through the sterilization of the female
population. Bokanovsky’s Process made it possible for the Brave New World to control the amount of
fertile women in society. Even with the advancement of scientific technology human ovaries were still


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