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Brave New World Essay

Studies have shown that 66% of children ages ten-sixteen when asked say if their peers are influenced by what they are exposed to, like literature. Therefore the issues people view as controversial in Brave New World such as drug use, sexual promiscuity, lack of individualism, and genetic engineering, all influence kids and teenagers. I think the book Brave New World is inappropriate to be taught in a school environment. All of these issues have caught the attention of parents, kids, and school authorities as unsuitable for the school curriculum for many reasons.
In Brave New World the everyday abuse of the drug soma is viewed as a natural part of their society, and is not only accepted, but encouraged. This concept goes against what our society tries to teach the youth of our nation. One could argue the idea that because of reading or being taught the book Brave New World in a school environment our country's minors can look at the constant use of drugs as an appropriate or acceptable part of our society. This can also be seen as adding to the numbers of drug use among teens in our country.The continuous use of drugs is not the only issue that is seen as controversial in Brave New World.
A different issue aroused in this book is the promotion of sexual promiscuity and the idea of teachers, who are looked up to, presenting this material.If the role models of our kids are teaching Brave New World which promotes the idea on polygamous sex, then students must consider it to be acceptable. Having adolescents participate in sexual relation and accept it as an innate part of our society can be extremely detrimental to our youth of today. The effect would be an increase in the number of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in our country. As you can see the impacts of this book being taught in a school setting with the issue of sexual promiscuity can lead up to other major issues that are destructible to our soci…


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