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There's a philosophy that states, " The best things in life are worth fighting for."In the movie Braveheart staring Mel Gibson this philosophy is the basis for the entire film.Braveheart is based on the true story of a Scottish farmer, William Wallace, who is pushed too far by English tyranny.Single-handedly, Wallace gave a whole group of men hope and delivered them to freedom.Similar to all great leaders, Wallace is tough, courageous, intelligent and brave these qualities inspired a whole nation to stand up and fight their oppressors.Braveheart deals with classic story of an underdog overcoming all odds to achieve their goals; it's comparable to the biblical tale of David and Goliath.
In the beginning of the film, Wallace father is summoned to a meeting with all the other Scottish to discuss a peace treaty with the king of England Edward Longshanks, who despise the Scottish with a passion.When all the Scottish arrived at the designated barn, Longshanks ambush them and have them killed.Wallace was devastated by the death of his father.The death of his father made Wallace leave his birthplace.
Several years later a full-grown Wallace returned to his land of birth to start a new life and a family of his own.He married a woman, which he's known since his childhood days.However, the marriage did not last long, as the king of England had her killed.The death of his beloved wife and the death of his father prompted Wallace to raise his sword and start a rebellion against the English, with their tyrannical leadership.Wallace battle cry of "Freedom" traveled all over the country; men flocked to his aid in fighting the English for the independence of Scotland.Many battles followed in which Wallace displayed his keen intellect in defeating the English, despite the fact his army was compiled of nothing more


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