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I chose the movie Braveheart because of the story line and how well the story evolves. The movie begins with a voice over telling how the king of England plotted to kill all the nobles in Scotland and how young Williams Wallace witness the whole thing. The actor who played young Williams Wallace did a superb job of acting. The scene where his father and brother were buried was believable. From the start of the movie where the King of England plotted to kill all the Scots noble show the king of England had power and no body will defy him. The beginning scene of young Williams Wallace showing the killing and the death of his brother and father kind give the plot that Williams Wallace will seek revenge for his brother and father, but as the movie go on, it was not the revenge for his brother or father but it was the revenge for his wife.
The scene where Williams Wallace returns to his hometown all grown up and wanted to raise a family and live peacefully was a bit odd. I would think that he would seek revenge for his father. But the scene where Williams Wallace court Murron was beautifully done. It shows how Williams Wallace tries to talk to Murron but on his way he get stop by Hemmis challenge him to a rock throwing contest to test his manhood. As he was finish with the rock-throwing contest, he tries to make his way to Murron but dance with someone else. What make it beautiful was how Williams Wallace and Murron look at each other, their eye contact make it feel real and more realistic, even thought Williams Wallace have not seen Murron for over 20 years but they still recognize each other and that they love each other like they never separated. The scene where the noble came to claim prima nectes and everything slow down with the music playing and the bride gave up to save her husband from harm, the way she move so gracefully. It turns an ugly scene into a peaceful solution.
Williams Wallace wanted to live a simple live, but the E…


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