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Mel Gibson plays William Wallace, a Scottish man. When William is a little boy his father dies. At the father's grave a little girl walks up to William and gives him a flower. After the funeral for William's father, he is taken to live with his uncle. Year's later he returns to his home. And at a wedding for one of the fellow town people he sees the girl who gave him the flower many years ago. They go on like two dates and he asks her to marry him. So they get married. But they must keep the marriage a secret because the guards of England will take away Williams wife and have their way with her. Well, the guards find out and as they are about to rape her, William comes and saves her. He tells her to get on a horse and meet him somewhere. While William is fighting the guards and getting to the secret spot, his girl is caught and tide to a wood post where her throat is slit. William comes back and looks as though he is going to surrender but he actually fights off all the guards and then ties up the man who killed his wife and slits the mans throat. Others from around Scotland heard of what he had done and went to him telling him how they are sick of being ruled by England and wish to be free. So the men get together and form an "army." William starts attacking the English and he succeeds at every battle. Battle of Stirling Bridge, Falkirk, and Bannockburn. Then he was captured by Robert Bruce's father and given to King Edward I who tortured him. But right before he died he shouted out…"FREEDOM!!!"
William Wallace was a Scottish national hero. The only source of information concerning his early life is a 15th-century biographical poem by the Scottish poet Henry the Minstrel, who was known as Blind Harry. According to this work Wallace was outlawed by the English because of a quarrel that resulted in the death of an Englishman. He subsequently burned an English garrison and led an attack upon …


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