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Braveheart vs. Gladiator

Braveheart and Gladiator are both highly acclaimed movies that have not only proved themselves in the arena of critiques, but also performed admirably within the box office as well. They are both of similar genres, taking place in a medieval time setting with feudal and monarch elements. Though they are similar in subject material, there are several contrast and comparisons to be made when exploring these two excellent movies. The Gladiator takes place during the expansion of the great Roman Empire. The main character is named Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, a Roman general who loves not only his wife and son, but also the emperor, Marcus Arellius, and the notion of Rome itself. In Braveheart the setting takes place in Scotland during the expanding British or English regime. The main character is William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, who loves his wife who is later murdered, and thus enters a campaign to rid all of Scotland from English rule. Both men are willing to fight !
and die for their loves and their beliefs. However, it should be pointed out that even though both characters are portrayed to act in a similar fashion, there are several underlying issues that should be looked into. The issues not only pertain to the main character's motives within the film itself, but also in the technique that certain elements were filmed. Both movies show the interpretation of the director and writer to illustrate how a "medieval" pre-renaissance battle might take place. However, there is a distinct difference in not only the camera style, but in the purpose behind the method in which the battle is filmed. Another aspect to explore is the numerous underlying themes of love that is demonstrated within both films. Both films express the love that the main character not only feels and meets along his journey, but also the loss of a loved one and the inevitable confrontation of death. To live is to love while to love is to exper…


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