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Bravery in To Kill a Mockingbird

Charles Baker Harris, the boy with the name longer than he is, is more commonly known as Dill.Dill is an adventurous person.He shows this attribute various times in the throughout the book To Kill a Mockingbird but a few times in particular really stuck out.The main ways that he shows this off is by the mischief he causes.Another way is how he is always trying to take a peak at the infamous Boo Radley.Also a way that really stuck out to me was when he stole money from his parents and ran away.
Boo Radley is a deranged psychotic individual-or so people think.People from all over Maycomb know of him and try to keep their distance from the house in fear that they may have an encounter with Boo-not Dill.He is always scheming a something to make him come out so he, Jem and Scout can witnessfirst hand that he really does exist.He one time talked Jem and Scout to sneak around the Radley House to peak in the back window in hopes of viewing him.Their "plan" failed quickly when the brother of Boo, Nathan, came around the house with a shotgun to scare them away.The stunt brought the whole town to the scene to see what the commotion was.It took a good excuse to get them out of this jam.
In addition to the failed plan of sneaking around the house, there were times when the bravery was not supplied by him but was brought out by him.One time in particular, Dill thought it would be fun to see Jem go in through the front gate and touch the Radley House.Jem took some serious time thinking about the situation and if it was worth it.About three days later Dill got Jem to give in and do it with the company of Dill all the way to the front gate.Dill went along with Jem to the fence but no further and left Jem to go in the yard alone.Not only did he touch the house, he gave it a good hard slap and was instantly freaked out and the three of them ran home as fast as they could.The plan was almost successf


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