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Bridge of San Louis Rey

In this story the Marquesa’s daughter, Dona Clara, is a very different child compared to her parents. Having a high intellect, She shares the traits of intelligence, coldness, and independence.
Dona Clara was a very intelligent child growing up. She had high hopes and set a lot of goals when she was very young. Having faith in her knowledge, she constantly corrected her mother’s speech and english, as if the role of mother and daughter were reversed.eventually when Dona Clara was old enough, she left her family and moved across the country to Europe, and became the official Spokeswoman for the Spanish Court. Unlike her mother, Dona Clara was quite the intellect.
Throughout this story you notice that Dona Clara is a very cold hearted person. a good example of this is when she was growing up, not only did she constantly correct her mother’s grammar and any other errors she might have had, but she never shared the same love for her parents as most children did growing up. It didn’t stop there either. As I mentioned earlier, Dona Clara eventually moved away from her mother. However, she didn’t only move away from her mother just for the sake of getting a good job in her social skills, but she wanted nothing to do with her mother, because she couldn’t put up with the way she was (always drunk, very inferior in intellect compared to her daughter, scrubby looking, dirty). At one point in the story, the Marquesa decided to go on a trip to visit her daughter, but the end results were the Marquesa “kissing the door on the way out.” She went back home, still with no such luck of receiving the same love she felt for her daughter. Despite her intellect, Dona Clara was a very cold person. However, had Dona Clara received the letter her mother had sent to her about how she was going to change her life around before she died on the bridge, would Dona Clara’s person have changed completely?
This book shows one trait that I find significant to …


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