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Bridge on the river kwai movie critique

The name of the movie I critiqued is called Bridge on the River Kwai. It was a film created in 1957, which won 7 academy awards in that year. This movie was directed by David Lean and produced by Sam Spiegel. The three main stars of this film are William Holden, Alec Guinness, and Jack Hawkins. I watched this movie by myself this past Saturday, June 5th in my house. This movie was one of the earlier colorized films, which was probably a reason why it won best picture and other related awards that year. This movie was based on World War 2 with the prisoners of war from Britain on the island of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It was not based on a novel however.
The plot of the story goes as follows. Colonel Nicholson and his allied POW's are taken captive by Colonel Saito of Japan who force the prisoners to do manual labor for them by building a bridge to connect a railroad from Bangkok to Rangoon. Nicholson refuses to do work atfirst and is locked up in a small box. The rest of the workers struggle to build the bridge atfirst, but they are disciplined in order to complete it by the 12th of May, which is the deadline for the Japanese Colonel. Some of the prisoners try to escape but are either murdered, die of starvation, or by the powers of Mother Nature. After a while Nicholson comes out of his cage and sees the bridge that was constructed and realizes what great work his soldiers have done. Meanwhile, three commandos of Britain have planned to blow up the bridge to show the hatred toward the Japanese. This event is the climax of the story where Colonel Nicholson dazed and unaware faints upon the detonator of the bridge where it explodes also taking a transport train as well. The climax was truly "explosive."
There were no real relations among characters to any of the real-life leaders of that war however the situation was real and there were people who probably displayed the characteristics of the soldiers, colonels o…


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