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Brigid’s trickery no match

Brigid;s trickery no match for Sam Spade;s wits
One of the great attributes of great noirs is the constant battle between the anti-hero and the seductive female.In The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade is always a few steps ahead of Brigid O;Shaughnessy, but in Double Indemnity Walter Neff is held onto the same track as Phyllis Dietrichson by her misleading charm.Even though it is fun to watch Sam toy with Brigid;s plans, The Maltese Falcon falls short of the noir element of the conniving, incanting broad with wits to match the engaging male, whereas Double Indemnity is a better demonstration of this feature of film noir.
To begin with each character;s personality and history help support this stand.Sam Spade rolls his own cigarettes, had an affair with his partner;s wife, and is a pirate eye.In most of the shots he shown taller and has a dark face or half lighted face, showing that he is not showing all of his cards.On the other hand Walter Neff smokes cigarettes that are already rolled, works for a company (not himself), and has a deathly weakness for the ladies.In most of the shots of Walter, except for the ones at the end, his face is lit up.Brigid we found out has been on the run for this falcon and has had no success and is in need of help to find the falcon.She is not that strong and goes from one man to another.When she realizes that she might be ripped of by her male friend, she goes to another man (Sam Spade) to help get the falcon and get rid of her friend.As for Phyllis, she is a broad to be match up to any man.We find out that she has killed before and will do so again.She is married and is having an affair with another man.She is dependent on men but in a different way.Phyllis doesn;t need a man to do things for her; she can do it herself, unless there is more to be made.On the other side Brigid needs a man for help, she is not as self-supporting.


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