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Essay in Response to the film Cabaret

Never stopping to think about whom she's hurting Sally Bowles whizzes through life like it's a game. Sally's unique style is based on divine decadence, which is symbolised throughout " The Cabaret".

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Sally presents her self to be open & direct, self centered, careless, and untruthful, which is influenced by the shame that came upon her self in order to cover up reality. Sally performs the song'Life is a Cabaret', but is sally's life really a Cabaret? Cabaret is considered to be a party and this is how she treats her life. Sally lives in a fantasy world where she hides behind a dark shadow believing that the drugs and liquor won't pull her down, but knows deep down that these things are going to catch up on her one day.

Sally treats herself as a sex symbol she sells her body to men, which is why her pregnancy came to her as such a long shot. Sally was living an illusion by believing that she wanted to be professor's wife and didn't want a career. When reality finally hit it had resulted in abortion, which would have being considered a shocking act in the 1970's. The offensive religious statements that sally makes such as " our baby is going to be the most significant baby, since Jesus" and "positively a nouns hands, as good as Gods hands", has reflected on Sally as a person that thinks she is outstanding and better than the lord.

The consistent verbal insults that Sally receives about the amount of people she has had relations with, the way she treats her self and other people still doesn't make Sally realise how many people she hurts by her profone actions. Poverty is a concern which "Cabaret" has represented as it is set in 1931 just before World War Two therefore people were going through depression and didn't have a lot of money. Sally expresses that she is stressed and worried by emph…


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