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Caged bird

Why would the autobiography of one of the most influential female writers of our time end up on a list of the most frequently challenged books?In her novel I know why The Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou Discribes, in detail, some of the harshest realities of life.Including racism and segregation, the rape of a child, teen sexuality, abusive family situations, and teen pregnancy.Many parents feel it isn’t appropriate for their children to be assigned Angelou;s book to read because they don;t think their kids are ready to be exposed to such ;harsh; things.Although Maya uses sometimes overly graphic writing, the struggles she depicts through provided her with the will to become who she is today and can provide the reader with a better understanding of the world they live in.
The main reason parents disagree with Ancelcu;s book being taught in their children;s schools is because of the graphic descriptions of many the harsh realities that accrued in her life.But that;s exactly why it should be taught.Most of the time when kids learn about ;real world situations; like rape and racism they learn through statistics and history text book explanations.Maya presents her experiences in such a way that you feel that you too have been through them.For example: Very early on in her life Maya was molested and then raped by her mother;s boyfriend.She lets you in on her thoughts and tells how a horrible thing like rape feels on a young body by saying things like ;Then there was the pain.A breaking and entering when ever the senses are torn apart (pg.65).; I think that a teen or pre-teen reading this male or female will feel almost instantly sympathetic towards Maya and people who have been in her situation.Either that or this would be too much for some kids to handle specially sheltered kids who are regularly exposed to unpleasant things.But the thing