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Cal: He is a typical 19-year-old Irish boy. He has had a hard life because his mother died when he was 8. Now he is living together with his father Shamie. But the relation between them is not like a father and son relation, they are more like friends. Cal is a person you can persuade very easily and fast. He isn't very self-confident. His friends Crilly and Skeffington boss him around and Cal isn't very happy with this situation, but he doesn't know how to fight back. His friends are strictly catholic and they force him to join the IRA. He starts to become their driver when they commit crimes. Cal is looking for somebody, who loves him. He hasn't been given any real love since his mother died. Fortunately, he finds Marcella who is nine years his senior and he falls in love with her. He met herfirst in the library where Marcella works as a librarian. Cal starts going there regularly just to meet her. Finally, Marcella, who is more mature and who has already a daughter, falls in love with Cal, too.
Cal is a very poor boy who doesn't have a lot of luck in his life. He thinks a lot and has many nightmares about the murder of Marcella's husband. He feels guilt about the murder of Marcella's husband who was shot by one of Cal's friends when he was the driver. He feels sorry but there is no possibility to show it because Marcella's doesn't know anything about his secret.
Marcella: She is a very unhappy woman in her late twenties. She lost her husband in an attack of the IRA. During the story you find out that she didn't love her husband anymore in the end. Now she is living together with the parents of her husband and especially her mother-in-law bosses her around. Marcella doesn't have any friends and she would like to get to know people. She is desperately looking for a job. Eventually, she gets the job in the library. Marcella has very weak personality. Cal is a kind of …


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