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Callahan chronicals

After reading the Callahan Chronicals I have come to realize
that there are many things to be learned in life.This book captured
my attention by trying to figure out just what it is that Spider Robinson
is trying to pass on to the reader.I have come to the conclusion that
the author is trying to portray real life situations with a little twist to
keep the reader interested.There is a lesson to be learned from
each story.Each visitor that passes through Mike Callahan’s bar is
teaching the people who are already there a lesson and there is
In the Centipede’s Dilemma I learned that apperance really
dosen’t matter.Dink Fogerty led the whole bar to believe that he was
incapable of even throwing a dart but then he, dispite his image, used
telekinesis (mind over matter) to project the darts into the dartboard
with tremendus accuracy.You cannot just sleep on your opponents
in real life situations.You must look beyond your opponents
apparent capabilities to be a contender in any game, espically the
game of life.If you don’t you will surely get stepped on throughout
your life.If the people at Callahan’s didn’t catch on to Dink’s attribute
then he would have walked out of that place knowing that he screwed
over the entire bar.I have learned to look for things like this now and
will not get decieved eaisly in my lifetime.Fogerty wasn’t all that bad
though, any bird that can keep their glass filled with gin all the time
would be a good companion for mostly anyone.
Just Dessert was a good story on how people do not like to be
made a fool of.This story’s focus was on practical jokers.The
message I received from this writing was that people don’t like
practical jokers even if their motifs are just for fun.You also must be
careful because that joke can turn foul and hit you right back in the
face.That is exactly what happened to the men who t…