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I watched the Spanish movie written by Maria Luisa Bemberg called Camila.Camila is a true love story that in it's time was named the Best Foreign film. In the plot there is a young woman called Camila who had a forbidden love for her priest Ladislao Guiterrez. After many true "confessions" to him Ladislao falls in love with her and they flee their home for the provinces. After arriving in the provinces they get married and have many steamy nights together. After A while there is a priest who recognizes Father Ladislao on night while he attended a rooster fight. So the couple was thrown in jail to await their sentence. While in Jail Camila found out that she is pregnant with her husbands' baby. However, this does not stop the government to sentence them both to death. They die at the hands of a firing squad eventhough it took longer for Camila because the men did not want to shoot her because of her pregnancy. In the end the couple got what they wanted to be together and in love for eternity. I had a hard time watching this Spanish movie I enjoy Spanish culture but many of the films that I have watch have had many steamy love scenes that make me uncomfortable. I think that the Spanish are more open with things of this nature. This movie was very sad and at the end I really wanted Camila and even the father to be able to have life because the only crime that they had committed was falling in love….

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