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I chose to read the novel, Candide, by the great eighteenth century author, Voltaire.Thefirst time I read this book I was in the eighth grade and it was recommended to me by my English teacher who understood my passion to read.I have to admit that I did not appreciate the satire and the universal themes that encompass this novel as much thefirst time as I did when I read it again for a class project my junior year in high school.This book tells the tell of a man brought up to believe that he lives in the “best of all possible worlds— (Voltaire 123) even though he faces every possible misfortune known to man.As Candide, the lead character in the piece, journeys through life he encounters obstacle after obstacle, and not once does he surrender his belief that everything happens for a reason.To Candide he truly lives the greatest life despite all his tragedies.I really enjoyed this novel because I like the way that Voltaire uses satire to poke fun at the philosophy that suffering is part of the human plan.I also liked how Voltaire describes all of the scenes in his book with such great detail.Lastly I had great appreciation for the universal theme present in this piece that proclaims that you may go through hardships in life and some will be in vain because “all is not always for the best!— (Voltaire 123)
Thefirst thing I really took notice to about this book was the overwhelming satire and irony demonstrated by the author.Candide, the main character is lead through various adventures starting off in chapter one with the expulsion from the beautiful castle he grew up in and the murder of his family.Candide is lead through page after page of relief and let down.It is intriguing for the reader that as soon as things start to go the right way for Candide it is all stripped away and he finds himself in yet another precarious predicament.For example, midway through the book Can


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