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Cannibal Tours

The anthropology film, Cannibal Tours, portrays how the civilized and primitive people tried to understand each other's culture. The film shows two different perspectives, one from the tourists, and the other one from the natives. The group of European tourists were interested in seeing how the primitive lived. They brought with them cameras and camcorders to take pictures of the natives. On the other hand, the natives did not know where the tourists cam from, but assumed that the tourists lived in a village just like them. In addition, the natives were confused to why the tourist took pictures of them. The native old man described that during the colonial time the Germans came to the village, and disrupted the native's way of life by trying to civilized the natives. In addition to civilizing the natives, the German missionaries destroyed the spirit house, and tried to spread their religion to the tribal people. The native old man explained that they made money by selling their crafts to the tourists, but the tourist hardly bought anything from them. In addition to selling their crafts, the natives received money from the tourists, by allowing the tourists to take picture of them. Also, the natives charged the tourists two dollars to take pictures inside the destroyed spirit house. At the end of the movie, it seemed that both the civilized and primitive remain confused with each other's culture.
I think the film, Cannibal Tours, shows how disrespectful the tourists were to the natives, and how ignorant the tourists were to the native's culture. The tourists wanted to help the primitives with their economic situation, yet they asked for a cheaper price on the craving. The natives believed that the price they asked should be paid, and not bargained. Thus due to the haggling, the natives were pissed off at the tourists, because by asking for a cheaper price on the craving, it would be hard for the natives to make e…


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