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Canterbury Tales

The wife of Bath is a tough woman with a mind of her own and she is not afraid to speak it. She intimidates men and woman alike due to the strength she possesses. But instead of showing this as a positive characteristic, Chaucer makes her an ugly old woman. However, Chaucer, instead of portraying her low-social class as shameful, Chaucer showed that she is actually prudent and eloquent.
The wife of Bath is a very envious women, who desires only a few simple things in life. She likes to make mirror images of herself, through her stories, which in some way reflects the person who she really is. This is all proven through the many ways she portrays her characters.
The tale of The wife of Bath is a mixture of philosophical concepts and exemplum. It tells of women*s desire to have authority over men; And true gentleness depends on deeds rather than birth. The tale begin with a Knight who ultimately rapes a maiden. He is taken and condemned to die (such was the custom then) but the king, in honor to the ladies and the queen*s pleas, allows the ladies to judge him. They tell him he can save his life only if a year and a day later he can tell them what it is that women most desire. He wanders long without finding the answer; he is about to return dejected when he comes upon an old and remarkably ugly woman. She says that if he swears to do whatever she will next ask him, she will tell him the answer. He agrees and returns with the answer: women most desire to have sovereignty over their husbands. The queen and her ladies are amazed; they grant him his life. The old woman then makes her demand: that he marry her. She will accept no less. On !
their wedding night; he turns away from her. She asks him what is the matter. He answers that she is old and ugly and low born. The old woman demonstrates to him that none of these matter — especially noble birth, since true gentleness depends on deeds rather than birth. She offers him the choi


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