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Caracter Sketch of Cider House Rules

Born and abandoned at St-Clouds, attempted in being adopted twice unsuccessfully, and raised as a son in an orphanage by Dr. Larch, Homer Wells grows up being the assistant of the physician. Over the years, even though he has never attended medical school, Homer has managed to accumulate what it takes to become a doctor. He knows all the right obstetrical procedures. In the eyes of Dr. Larch, Homer would become his perfect replacement at the orphanage. Homer, however, doesn’t seem too thrilled about it; he doesn’t like medicine too much and refuses to perform abortions. He doesn't believe in this practice because he feels that life is precious, and is thankful that his mom had put him up for adoption and not abortion.
Homer wasfirst introduced as a naive, intellectual, meticulous and innocent young man, longing to see and experience the world and to get a chance to choose his path, to make his choices in life. We notice how atfirst there was a moral conflict with Dr. Larch. He spends his time playing with the children, telling stories, watches movies and sleeps in the same room with them at night, as we can see there’s a strong bond. He shares their worries and concerns and witnesses, every time a couple comes to visit, the disappointment of the ones who are not selected. He always seems to be friendly and gets along with everyone.
Several events have changed our main character. When the young couple (Candy and Wally) seeks an abortion at the orphanage; Homer takes this opportunity to leave the place. He asks for a ride to where they;re heading. He becomes friends with them and they offer him a job as an apple picker. He meets many people and slowly falls in love with Candy while Wally is off flying missions against Japan. When Wally comes back paralyzed and Dr. Larch dies, Homer is then forced to end their relationship and decides to return to the orphanage.
During his discovery journey, he has


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