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Casino by Martin Scorsese and Nicholas Pileggi

The book Casino by Martin Scorsese and Nicholas Pileggi is a story set in Nevada during an era when mob activity in the Casinos was a focused topic of discussion for many politicians and law enforcement officials. It was a time of transition because before the events of the book the mafias had a reputed stronghold on all ofhte Las Vegas activity with regards to the gambling. People and corporations that owned casinos were told that they were selling to various entities(Scorsese, Pileggi, 1995). Whether they wanted to sell of or not, they were aware of the pressure to sell and concerned with what could happen to them or their families if they refused. The sales and the movement within the city of sin eventually brought the mafia into complete control.
The story includes all of the suspense elements that make it a page turner. There are murders, marriages, stories of revenge and adultery. It is a story that details the eventual derailing of the Mafia's stronghold on the industry in Las Vegas and the many people that went down with that reduction of power.
The most important theme of the book is the idea that good over powers evil every time it has the opportunity to do so.For many years the mob provided crime and blackmail to those who were involved with the casino business. There was corruption, murder for hire and territorial issues that are exclusive to mob involvement.
The theme of good outdoes evil is a popular one in many books and movies today however, Casino drives it home with extremes(Scorsese, Pileggi, 1995). The extremes occur when the murders in the desert happen but also during the more mundane events.
There are many examples of the evil that the mob brought to the casino business. The mob was out of Chicago and there were constant Las Vegas issues including the skimming of books and other elements that are common to the world of crime. The theme of good versus evil continues to play out as the casino own…


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