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Catch 22 – Anti-war novel

1.” Catch-22 is not simply an anti-war novel.” Discuss
The basic theme can comes across to the readers in Catch 22, is that of'anti-war'. This theme is reflected throughout the novel in a number of different ways. A prime example may be the large amount of ' 'black comedy' included causing the novel to obtain a mockery, yet horror in the whole idea of war. This happens throughout the novel with certain events that readers may find initially amusing, but the final reaction proves so portray a rather ghastly and digested opinion of war. There are other events in which there is no comedy and the portrayal of war is simply horrific. An example of this would be the'death of Snowden', "Yossarian ripped open the snaps of Snowden's flak suit, and heard himself scream widely as Snowden's insides slithered down to the floor in a soggy pile, and just kept on dripping out…"
This graphic description may be set out to show the truth of war, and the pain and horror of it all. The description itself will almost certainly get a very strong reaction from the reader, perhaps leading the reader to a very anti-war opinion.
As well as the portrayal of physical torture as an aspect of war, there is also a strong suggestion of what war does mentally to a person. This can be shown by language. For example, part throughout the novel show broken language structure, and chain of thought, lead to the reader often being left in a state of confusion. One of the biggest features that achieves this is the use of the'anti-climax feature'. The frequent use of this feature captures the individuality of this novel and contributes to a high level the confusion created. The use of such language structure and frame may represent the desperation, the boredom and confusion of soldiers aroused by the war environment. The language doesn't seem logical, but it shows in a strong sense, the psycholo…