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Catcher In the Rye

Throughout The Catcher in the Rye Holden is searching for something from the adult world. Many of the adults who surround Holden's life fail to give him what he needs from them. From thefirst chapter when Holden visits old Spencer to the end where he flees from his beloved teacher and friend from Mr. Antolini, Holden cannot find peace with the adult world. With all of the people Holden comes to, he desires a similar thing. Holden is looking for someone to act like, often a role model and in lesser cases just someone to talk with. Holden rarely get what he wants from many people of the adult world.
When talking to people that are much older than him, Holden seemingly always feels upset as things come to and end. Many people often try to help Holden and in return he acts abrupt often runs away from them. In Chapter One, Holden is preparing to depart from Pencey Prep in Pennsylvania. As Christmas break nears, Holden is asked not to return to the school. He goes to visit his friend Mr. Spencer but after Old Spencer tries to help him he makes up and excuse and leaves hastily. Spencer offers him advice and wishes him "good luck", but Holden becomes angered. He argues that anyone who wishes him good luck assume he cannot handle things on his own and he needs luck. Holden hopes to peacefully say goodbye Spencer but he ends up being mocked about his grades and he does not get what he desires. Similarly, when he visits his much-cherished friend Mr. Antolini, he wakes up in the middle of the night and becomes flabbergasted as he finds Mr. Antolini "…petting me, or patting me on the goddam head." Although Mr. Antolini is most likely acting as a father to Holden, Holden becomes scared and leaves in a tantrum. Holden wants Mr. Antolini to take him in and give Holden someone to talk to but he pets his head and seemingly Holden rushes out on him because he is scared. With this confrontation, one could say Holden was re…


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