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Catcher In The Rye

It is said that an average ten percent of the population are categorized under the idealist personality profile ( are many different traits that this fit this profile.Idealists yearn for romance in their lives.Also, often times they tend to be very giving.Finally, idealists pride themselves in being true to themselves.Holden Caulfield is an idealist.
Throughout Holden’s story, I noticed his constant yearn for romance.When Holden discovers that Stradlater was dating an old neighbor, he became very curious.”Where is she?….I oughta go down and say hello or something….How’d she happen to mention me?” (Salinger, 31). Obviously, Holden is very jealous of Stradlater’s relationship with Jane.Holden is jealous because Stradlater has something that he wants, and that is romance.In Holden’s effort to gain romance in his life, he goes on a date with a girl named Sally Hayes.When Holdenfirst sees Sally, he says, “[He] felt like marrying her the minute he saw her. (Salinger, 124).I feel as though this is a major sign ofHolden’s strive for a real relationship.Holden obviously doesn’t really want to marry Sally right then, but the fact that he suggests marriage means he’s looking for more than just a one night stand.Holden’s constant attempts for romance lead me to believe that he is at risk for major heartbreak and trouble.
After talking with Holden, I noticed that he is a very generous person.His generosity is overwhelming.When Holden wants to buy his little sister, Phoebe, a gift, he decides on an album called “Little Shirley Beans”, not only is this album hard to get, but it is also expensive.Although the album is expensive, Holden finds it and buys it because “[He] knew it would knock old Phoebe out” (Salinger, 114).Holden’s generosity was mostly spontaneous.For example, while in New York, Holden visits a little sandwich bar to for breakfast and sat next to two nuns tha…


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