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Catcher in the Rye – chapter analysis

English Journal – The Catcher in the Rye
In the two opening chapters we are introduced to Holden Caulfield and his life at Pencey High. This is all about to end due to his failure in 4/5 subjects. My initial reaction to Holden's personality was that he had a very negative view on many things happening in his life, for example the football game he was watching and the teacher Mr. Spencer. Holden also introduces his view on'phonies'. I find Holden to be a very depressing character that doesn't really care about life or school, this is seen when he fails an essay. However when talking with Mr. Spencer we see another side to Holden's personality when he attempts to'console' the teacher by saying it is him not the teaching that caused him to fail.
I find it hard to grasp the actual storyline, as Holden seems to talk about many various subjects.
In this chapter, I learn more about Holden's' personality. He is quick to judge people, impulsive, contradictive, cynical and quite random.
Holden introduces Robert Ackley, who he says is a'phony moron' and then describes Ward Strandler his roommate as'a secret slob'. I think this is a very negative way to view the people around him. Holden seems to be quick to judge people and appears quite childish for making such a fuss and taking everything so negatively.
Although Holden despises Stradlater he agrees to write an English composition paper for him. I think this relates to chapter 2 when he talked with Mr. Spencer because yet again Holden is helping someone he doesn't like. This showed me that although quick to judge people, he does have some concern for others. In this chapter Jane Gallagher, and old friend to Holden, is also mentioned. I found the reaction from Holden strange because he couldn't decide whether or not to go meet and greet her. I would have expected him to gone to see his friend to at…


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