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A classic theme in American literature is a youth’s journey into adulthood.This journey is usually met with some adversity.Such is the case with J. D. Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye.In this book the protagonist, Holden Claufield, is a nineteen year old expelled college student who is going through some tough times.Most of Holden’s problems stem from his inability to disregard his childhood and proceed to maturity. Throughout the novel, Holden tries to hold onto the comfort of his childish ideals and ways of life, but society seems to demand that he grow up.
Multiple times in the book, Holden ponders of ways to simply move away to another part of the country in order to escape the responsibilities of maturity.Thefirst example of this is when Holden meets an old girlfriend of his, Sally Hayes.Once their conversation was on what he has been doing lately, he becomes enthralled in the idea of escaping with her to the countryside and living a simple life.Sally keeps reality in check by telling him that if he wants to have a real relationship, than he should finish college and get a real job. Then, she says, there will be “oodles of marvelous places to go to.”(Salinger, 133).Holden replies, “No, there won’t be.It’d be entirely different.We’d have to go downstairs in elevators with suitcases and stuff.We’d have to phone up everybody and tell ’em good-by and send ’em postcards from hotels and all.And I’d be working in some office, making lots of dough, and riding to work in cabs and Madison Avenue buses, and reading newspapers, and playing bridge all the time.”(Salinger, 133).In this example it is clear that Holden is protesting the kinds of things that are associated with the boring side of a responsible adult life.Society is represented by Sally, who says that he is crazy for thinking of actually doing things like breaking off all contacts and living a secluded life off


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