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Cathcher in the rye ordinary people

Catcher in The rye

Goddamn! In this City there is nothing too see but Pocahontas.That would be all right if I was a 10 year old, or even taking my little sister too the movies. What the hell am I going to see now?Hmmm lets see, what about ordinary people?So I went to purchase a ticket and the lady who was wearing too much make up and she was a thin girl, not too much older than 17. When I asked for one ticket me she asked me just one, yea just me, myself and I, got a problem? People go to the movies by themselves quite often, I thought.

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So I walked into the movie theaters and there weren't many people seated, just a bunch of old folks.So I decided to sit up front away from everyone else.Then a group of young girls came in and sat behind me a few rows.

I glanced back quickly and as I was looking I noticed that one girl looked like Stradtlater.He didn't have a younger sister. I don't think anyways that she would be in the same theater as me. If I had not asked Stradtlater about Jane then things would be different. He was a real Crumb at times I am so glad to be away from him and Ackley, it feels too good. For chrissakes! I am way from all of that that school and all the boys Get over it I thought in my head.
The theater went pitch black and the commercials were starting. For Chrissakes we're in movie theaters, not at home watching television. We don't need to see all of these commercials. You'd think that they would think that after the movie people would run out and buy these products.Finally the movie started it seemed like 2 hours had gone by.
Thefirst 10 minutes of this movie have no meaning what so ever.Yes, we get the point that Conrad is a swimmer and you can tell that he does not like it too much.This kid has problems he needs help. I mean I understand it's hard and all when you lose your brother, but he's taking it too far.

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