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Change of Heart

"You just go on your same old way like before. You're little routines and rituals, depressing habits, day after day. No comfort at all."
Macon Leary is a writer of traveling guides for businessmen who want to have absolutely everything forbidden. His peculiar character appears at most when his son Ethan died because of murder. The sudden death of his son has left such a deep emptiness in his existence that he transmits his aloofness and non-emotional, cerebral attitude toward all his loved ones. He doesn’t quite realize about this. He unconsciously believes that people are evil by nature and he won’t open up. He is numb, who can control showing his emotion. He’s too much drowned into the unhealthy notion that he doesn’t know what to expect from life because he’s lost any kind of identifiable emotion about anything around him. He is detached from the world not only by his mournfulness, but also by his apathy. He travels to the most exotic places, making himself and his readers feel like they never left home; that they have remained steady all along. In other words, they haven’t evolved toward higher earthly and human premises or general changes in their lives in virtue of new experiences.He was new adventurous to try new things that why his wife Sarah thinks that not only is this his professional ”trademark” the armchair of his grandmother is also his real way of living. Because of all this, and because the notion of their dead son is still lurking on their minds even if they don’t make any comments about it, she decides to leave Macon.
People might think that he is so numb but to tell you frankly, he is not. Actually, Macon;s pain and the distance he has put between himself and the world around him by suppressing his feelings in hiding it. Because to someone not very perceptive, Macon’s manner of grieving doesn’t really look like grief. It is poignan


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