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Change the Way you Persuade

In the article titled "Change the way you persuade" Mary Flood, the executive VP of sales
and marketing has the task of convincing MaxPro's CEO George Nolan to restructure her
operations to become more customer oriented.MaxPro is a leading manufacture of office
equipment.Her main goal is to form major account teams for the company's largest accounts
(the article suggests clients with $50 million revenue).The biggest problem for Mary is to figure
out how to sell her idea to Nolan, and to figure out which of the 5 types of decision making
The article discusses five different types of personalities; charismatic, thinkers, skeptics,
followers, and controllers.Thefirst type, charismatics are the type of decision makers that work
smoothly and operate business in leadership style manner.They are very personable with traits
like, dominant, talkative, enthusiastic, captivating, and persistent.The way to approach a
charismatic with a sales pitch is to stay low-key and not to join in on their excitement.Also, it is
necessary to keep the proposal grounded and not to "puff" the idea, doing so will gain trust from
Next, we come to the thinkers.They are the intelligent ones of the group, with traits of
intelligence, being cerebral, and very logical.Bill Gates and Michael Dell are considered
thinkers.Is it any wonder that they both own computer companies.The way to sell an idea to
these types of people is to retrieve as much information as possible and present it in a
comprehensive manner.These people are not easily persuaded and do not usually like taking
risks.The best way to convince a thinker is to make them aware of the risks up front and tailor the rest of your presentation to show how the idea will steer away from those risks.
After that we have the skeptics.These are by far the most difficult people to deal


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