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character analysis of Anne in the chrysalids

Anne plays an important part in the novel The Chrysalids by John
Wyndham. Anne is the oldest member of "the group". She represents a
victim of a strict society and how it can effect people that are different.
Anne's strongest characteristics are selfishness, stubbornness and
Anne is very selfish. This is shown when she decides to marry Alan,
regardless of the danger in which she is putting herself and all the other members of"the group". They ask her to think about what she is doing. Anne's response is, " I'm not a fool. Of course I've thought. I've thought more than you have. I'm a woman – I've a right to marry and have children" (Wyndham 91). This shows how much Anne would like to be a norm and to fit in. She does not care how her decisions can affect her and the others around her. She has a great importance to the book. She shows how prejudice society can affect people, and what not fitting in can do to the person and others around them.
Anne is also stubborn. This is shown when she blocks out "the group" refuses to listen to them, and is determined to marry Alan no matter the circumstances are:
That doesn't follow', Michael argued.'We can't be the only ones. There must be others like us – beyond our range, somewhere. If we wait a little-''Why should I wait? It might be for years or for always. I've got Alan – and you want me to waste my years waiting for someone who might never come – or whom I may hate if he does. You want me to give up Alan, and risk being cheated of everything. Well I don't intend to – ' (91-92).
The quote illustrates how Anne wants to marry Alan at all causes and wants
to be a norm so bad that it does not matter to her how others will be affected
and she does not care what objections the others have. She will marry Alan to show


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